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Teacher Grants

Spring 2022 Grant Application -  Click Here!

Grants are awarded from the South Lyon Educational Foundation to enhance student learning and involvement and to encourage innovative educational activities for South Lyon students. Congratulations to past grant winners.  

2021 Recipients

Katie Bell                   Kristen Unti

Kate McCallum          Susan Woodley

Clara Alberty             Tracie Stidhamt

Angela Ugo               Jenilee Smith

Kari Smith                  Jenny Lubin

Brenda McGuire        Kim Quinn

Irene Settle                Carol Akers

Sarah Garbartz          Beth Nally

Michael Murphy         Jeffrey Prueter

Patrick Braun             Nancy Fox

Emily Kane                Joel Smigell

Heather Thomas        Amanda Palm

Ann Miller                   Beth Klerekoper

Kendall Schultz          Kelly Newton

Melissa Robinson      Jill Witkowski

Sara McHalpine         Katie Pyles

Hannah Barnes          Katie Leja

Niki Rose                    Ed Robinson

Angie Badis                Heather Toor

Sandra Conners         Paula Allen

Christopher Knapp     Kevin Cort

Jennier Myslinski        Andrea Stevens

Genna Danahy           John LeBlanc

Robert Woodward      Leigh Goyings

Stephanie Ferguson

Courtney Rabassa

Rachelle Kalbfleisch

2019 Recipients

Megan George                                          

Jordan Garcia                                              Lori Loewer                                                  Lindy Zilka                                                    Gretchen Coles, Keith Niedbala                  Ryan Knapp, Heather Wilson, Brad Todd    Emily Testani

Nicole Thomas

John Hall

2018 Recipients

Abbey Arble

Sarah Athey

Katie Bell

Amy Forsyth

Megan George

Danielle Kurajian

Kristen Line

Brenda McGuire

Susan Uvick

Since 2018, SLEF has awarded nearly 70 mini and micro grants, directly impacting the teachers and students of SLCS.


Your donations have helped fund:

Social Studies Classroom Library - MMS

Student Workstation - SLEHS

Emotional Regulation Kits - Bartlett

Modified Novels - CMS

Flexible Seating - Dolsen

Picture books - Pearson

Break Out Boxes - Sayre 

Cooking Lab - CMS

Breakout Edu - Salem

Sensory Table - Kent Lake

PE Heart Rate Monitors - SLEHS

Cardio Drumming - Pearson

Read Aloud Library - Sayre

Let's Get Reading Ready with Zoo-Phonics - ECC

Camera Support Equipment & Young Adult books - SLHS

Coding toys and tools - Salem

Reading Intervention Books - Salem

STEM bins - hands on creative tasks - Brummer

Books to teach creative writing - Special Ed

Basketballs for PE Classes - MMS

Boomwhackers for music instruction - Salem

Replacement speaker for music class - ECC

Low vision notebooks for students with visual impairments - Hardy

Samsung Galaxy tablets to evaluate student work w/students - SLEHS

and more!

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