The Perseverance Award

$1,000 Scholarships Awarded to two South Lyon Seniors

The Perseverance Award is designed to recognize two South Lyon students (one from each high school) who have overcome significant obstacles in their lives or demonstrated dramatic academic improvement throughout their high school careers. There is no G.P.A. requirement, only that eligible students must be accepted and plan to attend an academic, vocational or technical school or program in the fall.

2021 Recipients

SLEHS Josie Cadicamo

SLHS Grace VanBoven

2020 Recipients

SLEHS Morgan Campbell 

SLHS Emerson Ramey

2019 Recipients

SLEHS Abigail Hackbardt

SLHS Joel Katsuda

2018 Recipients

SLEHS Gabrielle Lundgren

SLHS Morgan Booth

Morgan Campbell SLEHS
Morgan Campbell SLEHS

Emerson Ramey SLHS
Emerson Ramey SLHS

Abigail Hackbardt

Morgan Campbell SLEHS
Morgan Campbell SLEHS

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