Have you ever thought?" Who takes care of those who take care of us? How long can we expect them to run behind us and clean up life's messes before they hit  empty?        

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     It takes a special person to become a law enforcement officer, but a part of what makes them special does not include a loss of feelings or the lack of compassion. Cops are required to hide their feelings from others so they don't appear weak and lose the trust of the people we serve.  We hold back our tears and our anger so others can lean on our strength during their times of crisis, but don't think for a second that we are not shaken and horrified by the same world. 

        In Louisiana the job of taking care of our law enforcement brothers and sisters during their times of crisis falls upon the Southern Law Enforcement Foundation. Instead of making them walk this path alone, we at the Foundation ask if we may walk this path with them. At a time when they can no longer hold back their tears, keep their frustration and anger in check, and /or express their true feelings about this world they are forced to experience, we walk their walk with them so they can let it go. Each officer during their crisis will need support,  and one of our peer support members is always available to provide that support in a professional and confidential manner. 


    This site was designed to be used by the 440+ peer support volunteers, chaplains, and Mental Health Experts who are a part of our team.  Visitors are welcome to browse all they want, we are proud of the way we support this professsion we love, so please feel free to browse. 

     We also urge any member of our law enforcement officer community in the State of Louisiana to think seriusly about joining our team. 

     The Foundation operates as a non profit organization in the State of Louisiana under internal revenue code 501 (c) 3. Tax ID # 72-1452506. At this time, the funding of our program comes through a grant from the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement, Victims of Crimes Assistance. 

     If you are an first responder in the State of Louisiana and need help in finding services, go to the service section, and click on your region. This will take you to your coordinator's page. Contact a coordinator and we'll take it from there.  If you have trouble reaching a coordinator contact me at 225-235 5906.

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